Alan Shuptrine:  Appalachian Watercolors of the

Serpentine Chain

This exhibition of thematic watercolor paintings by nationally renowned Tennessee artist Alan Shuptrine pays tribute to the land and people found along the Appalachian Trail, and of the distinctive culture that endures from the mountains of Maine to Georgia. The body of work celebrates the connections of Appalachia with its historical and cultural counterpart in the British Isles, highlighting Celtic traditions that were brought to America in the 18th century and are still practiced in the region today. The paintings are ornamented with Shuptrine’s hand-carved frames, many of which are embedded with serpentine, a mineral that is found not only along the entire Appalachian Trail, but also in the regions of the British Isles where the original settlers to Appalachia were born.

The exhibit will be up through January 17th, 2019 for view.

For more information about this artist, please visit his website at www.alanshuptrine.com

When I am quietly creating in my studio, I often hear my dad’s words of wisdom: “You must see and create beyond the surface level—art should evoke emotion.” I find that painting is a spiritual experience. It takes a tremendous amount of courage for an artist to create what is deep within the heart and soul, and to be vulnerable. I find myself thanking God for my blessings and pulling encouragement from Him to press onward, and upwards.
— Alan Shuptrine


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