April 6-September 2, 2017

War Memorials

As United States Citizens we celebrate our independence and freedom. These liberties were and continue to be made possible by those serving in our military. This exhibit will highlight local men and women throughout history that have served in wartime, foreign and domestic, protecting the rights of fellow countrymen to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


WWII First Aid kit


WWI dog tags belonging to Lee Richmond of Bradley County

June 8th-October 28, 2017

Dixie Foundry/Magic Chef

July 2017 will mark 100 years since Dixie Foundry lit their furnaces and drew “first heat.” Although the company itself began in the fall of 1916, it came alive in 1917 through the persistence and determination of Bradford Rymer and countless others. Come and learn about Cleveland’s own Dixie Foundry and how it progressed to become known nationally and internationally as Magic Chef.



Iron skillet marked "Dixie FDY Co. Cleveland, Tennessee"


September 14, 2017-February 3, 2018

Tennessee Archaeology

 Archaeology is the science through which we interpret past people groups. There are currently over 26,000 prehistoric and historic sites in Tennessee alone. As a modern human, it is sometimes difficult to envision the world around you as it was hundreds of years ago. Even through the archaeological process we don’t always get a clear picture of how people lived in the past. However, it does make us realize how very different the world was when compared to what we see today. This exhibit will highlight the area specific to the Ocoee Region and uncover details about the people who lived here.