World History

World War II Series (Part One): The Path to War

It seems popular in our current political climate to draw parallels to World War II, Nazi Germany, and Adolf Hitler. And why not? When self-proclaimed Nazis and Anti-Fascists are breaking into violent riots. But, as a historian, I see history being shredded to fit the narrative of today. History does not repeat itself. Each moment in time is absolutely unique and history will never be exactly the same.

Black Cats and Biological Warfare: The History of the Plague

The first known plague in Europe was the Plague of Justinian in 541 CE. It wiped out half of Europe’s population before 700 CE. Europe and Asia have seen a number of plagues. But none so bad as the one that ripped through the continents in the 1300s, killing an estimated 20 million people.

Inked Histories: Tattooing Around the World

Tattoos are painful (I know from firsthand experience.) They're sometimes regrettable. And yet, they've been part of our bodies for thousands of years. Why? Why do we ink our bodies? Why is it such an ingrained part of our history? Why is it forbidden to some? Why do so many cultures around the world tattoo?

OPINION PIECE: Genocide, Colonialism, and Museums

As archaeologists we dug up African countrysides and left nothing but holes in the ground as we carted off their greatest treasures to our museums. As anthropologists we used human samples to make determinations about racial differences (which, to the surprise of no one, suggested that whites were the superior race). As curators, we put those relics from other nations behind glass and profited off them while those nations suffered.