From the Back Room - the Dolls

From the Back Room is our series highlighting items in our collections and the goings-on of the museums behind the scenes.

The Curious Curator got too curious this week and decided to look into a box labeled “Doll Box.” Unfortunately, it was exactly as described and I ended up face to face with the blank expressions of dozens of dolls. And this right around Halloween, too! We have no record of these dolls in our collection. They just seem to have appeared. 

What could possibly be worse? I’m continuously finding boxes of these dolls! The most recent count is five boxes! And they all get to sit in my office until I add them to our online collection log. Here’s hoping my office doesn’t get haunted.  

And that’s all for today’s From the Back Room! See you next time!

11/09/2017 Edit: We are now up to six boxes!

Image (c) Museum Center at 5ive Points

Image (c) Museum Center at 5ive Points