Grown and Bred in East Tennessee

January 12 - May 27, 2017

Agriculture has been a part of human subsistence for all of history. More recently there has been less of a need for each individual family group to farm their own food. The way our food is produced and harvested, as a result, has become somewhat foreign to most Americans. This exhibit will take a look at Tennessee agriculture and farming, how it has and continues to be grown and bred here in our region.

 L1999.090.018  Singletree



Before the use of large machinery, like tractors, it was the draft animals, cattle and horses, which would help carry out heavy tasks around the farm. A singletree is a wooden bar set between the draft animal and a plow, wagon or any other device. The singletree attaches to a trace strap, which was connected to an animal's collar, helping to balance their pull when carrying a heavy load. Shackles attach the singletree to the device being used. Carl Whitworth's father, J.W. Whitworth made this singletree in the late 1940's in Cleveland, Georgia.