Experience the history of our region with educational opportunities for your students from the Museum Center at 5ive Points. Groups can visit through a facilitated learning experience or self-guided tour or we can bring objects and activities to your school that tell the fascinating stories of the Ocoee Region.  

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Field Trips


A Museum visit engages students with local artifacts and programming that tell the story of our region. Through hands-on learning, students can look to the past and make our history come alive. 


Discovery Boxes

  • Through hands-on interactions with objects, students will identify types of people who lived in our region in the past. 
  • Discover Box profiles include 19th Century local individuals: Cherokee man, Civil War soldier, teacher, factory worker, housewife, farmer, businessman, and preacher. 
  • Students will identify objects as primary sources.
  • Students will tour the permanent exhibit. 

*Learning experiences may be modified to focus on a specific content standard or theme, i.e. Cherokee, and may include outdoor activities, weather-permitting. 

Standards Met: 1.38, 1.39, 2.23, 4.2 


Appalachian Toys Trunk

  • Through hands-on play, students will identify historic toys and learn to question objects in order to learn about the past.
  • Student will define the term Appalachia and be able to identify it on a map.
  • Students will tour the permanent exhibit. 

*This program may be done at the Museum or as an in-class facilitated experience. 

Standards Met: 1.1, 1.21, 1.3, 2.6, 2.13, 2.40, 3.6, 3.7, 3.9, 4.20


The Tucker Family Wagon 

  • Learn how people settled our region by viewing our collection's largest item, the covered wagon. 
  • Having a 2,000 pound weight limit, students can decide what items are essential to bring. 
  • Listen to the story "Covered Wagons, Bumpy Roads" and learn what is was like to travel by wagon. 

Standards Met: 1.38, 4.47, 4.48 



Paul Huff's Medal of Honor

  • Learn about the importance of American citizenship and the history of The MOH. Design your own medal while learning the history and significance  of this prestigious award. 

Standards Met: 1.29, 1.34


Story Telling

  • Learn about the people of our past through traditional Cherokee & Jack Tales featuring the Cleveland Story Telling Guild. 
  • Listen to the tales of Appalachia by listen to the story, "When I was Young in The Mountains" by Cynthia Ryant

Standards Met: 1.3, 1.7, 2.2, 2.6, 4.2

Traditional Crafts

  • Get hand-on with activities such as, the church rag doll, native headbands, clay pots, and much more! 

Standards Met: 4.2, 4.10

Tour our permanent and temporary exhibits

  •  Learn about the people that developed our region through our "River of Time" exhibit by viewing the history of the Ocoee region from Cherokee settlement to present day. 
  • Enjoy our rotating exhibit area and its corresponding programming. Up Next: "Debutantes Through The Decades" Opening April 19th, 2018. 



Museum Center Trunk Shows are are interactive museum experiences that are mobile and come to your classroom. The trunks feature object lessons, hands-on activities, demonstrations, and more. Trunk Show themes include, 

  • The Civil War                         5.1, 5.2, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 5.10 & 8.72, 8.75, 8.79, 8.80
  • Cherokee Settlement               1.6, 1.7, & 4.1, 4.2 
  • Home and Farm                      4.58, 4.60, 4.61
  • World War One                      5.42, 5.43, 5.44

*Trunk Shows are FREE for Bradley County, Cleveland City, & Polk County Schools and can be done both in your classroom or on site at The Museum Center. 


Want to help?

We are currently seeking donations for the following:

  • markers

  • colored pencils 

  • pencil sharpeners (or a new mechanical one) 

  • craft sticks 

  • art paints (no oil paint) 

  • sketch books 

  • paper (construction & colored) 

  • general craft supplies: we'll take anything


Group & school tours 

Special programming may be available for the current temporary exhibit. Contact for more details. 

Group Tour Pricing
*All Cleveland City, Bradley County, and Polk County Schools are invited to visit free of charge. These schools may also request a bus reimbursement for up to $85 per class 

Group rates for student groups, public, private, or home school are free of charge.

To bring any lesson along with a presenter to the school remains free of charge to all Cleveland City, Bradley County, and Polk County schools

Adult tour group prices vary, but generally remain around 3 dollars per person. 

For inquiries about these programs, or to schedule a visit, contact the Education Department at mmizell@museumcenter.org or call 423.339.5745 ext. 501

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