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Local Historical Biographies

Hair Conrad cabin.jpg

Hair conrad / Tekahskeh

Hair Conrad was born in Georgia to a Cherokee mother and a white (Scotch-German) father.  He became an important member of Cherokee society and had a home in Bradley County, Tennessee.

Myra Inman.jpg

Myra inman

Myra Inman was born in Cleveland into a middle class family, they were neither rich or poor. The Inman family would live in Cleveland until after the Civil War, and Myra kept a diary throughout the war.

Paul Huff MOH (2).jpg

Paul B. Huff

Paul Huff  was born in Cleveland, Tennessee. He joined the United States Army in 1941. In 1944, he was serving in the 59th Parachute Infantry Battalion on February 8, 1944 near Carano, Italy, when he received his Medal of Honor citation.