John Cotton Dana Award for Leadership

This award recognizes an individual, other than someone working directly with museum education programs, for efforts on behalf of public education and community service.  The AAM Education Committee established the award in 1991 in tribute to John Cotton Dana, Founder and Director of the Newark Museum.  During his life, he worked incessantly to make the museum a center of community service whose chief function was to be educational and interpretive.

Nominees: A wide spectrum of individuals and organizations are eligible for this award.  Only practicing museum educators are ineligible since this award is designed to recognize those outside the field of museum education who exhibit outstanding leadership and promote the educational responsibility and capacity of museums.  Eligible nominees include museum directors, curators, researchers, exhibit designers, school administrators, government officials, or those in foundations, corporations, and training programs.

The John Cotton Dana Award recognizes exemplary leadership.  It is therefore awarded on an occasional basis (not annually) as extraordinary leadership is brought to the attention of the nominating committee through the nomination process.

Nominations are due by February 10, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. Questions should be directed to Hassan Najjar at hnajjar@museumcenter.org. Nominated individuals and/or institutions must be individual and/or institutional members of the American Alliance of Museums. Award winners will be honored at the 2014 AAM Annual Meeting in Seattle.   

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