Did you know?

  • 28 percent of our visitors in 2014 came from outside of Tennessee and Georgia. Tourists are getting off of I-75 and seeking us out!
  • Since July 2014 we've served over 1000 school children through tours and education programs with hands-on activities from Appalachian toys and games to woodworking and spinning yarn (we even milked some goats!)
  • 6 brand new exhibits opened to our members and the public last year with 6 more on the horizon for 2018/2019 with subject matter ranging from education to fine art, and our visitation increases with every new show.

For nearly 20 years the Museum Center at 5ive Points has enlightened visitors from our region and beyond. Consider an investment in an institution that tells the story of the Ocoee Region!  

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Donate Appreciate Stock to Museum at 5ive Points – A Win/Win Scenario

If you have appreciated shares of stock, don’t sell them; please consider donating some of them to the Museum!  When you transfer ownership of the shares to the Museum, you get a charitable deduction for the market value of the shares without recognizing a capital gain or paying any tax on the appreciation.  You support the Museum with a contribution equal to 100% of the value of the shares.

For example, if you have 100 shares of stock worth $100 each today, a donation of those shares to the Museum gives you a $10,000 charitable deduction.  If you’re in a 25% tax bracket, you may realize a $2,500 savings when you file your taxes so that the contribution to the Museum really only cost you $7,500!  If the stock cost you $50 per share, you also avoid capital gain taxes (possibly $1,000) on $5,000 of appreciation in the value of the stock. 

Consult your tax advisor but a contribution of appreciated shares to the Museum may generate tax savings for you and a substantial benefit for the Museum!

If you want to contribute appreciated stock to the Museum, please call Finance Manager, Janice Neyman at (423)-339-5745. We can help you arrange electronic transfer the shares to the Museum’s brokerage account, or endorse physical shares of stock into the name of the Museum generating benefits for you and the Museum before the end of the year!