The Museum Center at 5ive Points has been “Telling the Story of the Ocoee Region” for over 20 years. The museum features a permanent exhibit, the River of Time, and five to six temporary exhibits that rotate through the museum every year. Our main goal is to educate people of all ages by sharing the stories and history that built and shaped this region into what it is today.

With the help of our community, we provide educational programs to students, showcase new artifacts online and through exhibits, and host numerous special events throughout the year. Please consider donating to the Museum Center at 5ive Points and help us as we continue to tell the story of the Ocoee region.

Below are a number of programs you may designate your donation for, or an undesignated donation will be applied where needed:

·      Field Trips– $85 donation will pay for one class of 50 students round trip bus transportation to the museum. This includes a guided tour and participation in educational activities related to local history.

·      Archaeology Lab Methods– $200 total (or $10 each) will provide 20 high school students the opportunity to participate in an archaeological class teaching students to process Native American artifacts from the museum collection.

·      Online Collection– $1500 gives us the ability to hire an intern to focus on photographing and researching artifacts. Our museum collection houses over 8,500 artifacts. We currently have 892 artifacts available online, and would like to reach 2,000 items by the end of the intern’s term.

·      Permanent Exhibit– $500 (or $250 each) will allow us to update two cases in the permanent exhibit as it undergoes updates. The first will feature the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The second will focus on the Ocoee Rafting Olympics and local, modern day events.



Sponsorship opportunities are available for programming throughout the museum. If you choose to sponsor the following programs, your name/business will be listed on all printed promotional material and on our website, unless otherwise specified.


·      Old Christmas – $500 will give us the opportunity to share this Appalachian tradition, bringing together our community with stories and songs by the Cleveland Storytelling Guild.

·      TN Artist Series (June 2019 – July 2020) – $2500 will allow local artists (10 total) to be featured monthly with an article in the Cleveland Daily Banner, museum website, and promoted on all social media channels. The artist of the month will teach skills and techniques related to their medium in a monthly class.