Excellence in Resources

The award for Excellence in Resources recognizes outstanding resources in print, online, and/or multimedia formats. The criteria for the awards are:

  1. Audience Research – Who is the intended audience and how does the product serve them? How does it reflect meaningful research and evaluation results? Were audience members involved in the creation of the product?
  2. Best Practices in Education Theory – How have staff and designer worked together to ensure learning takes place? Was the piece successful? Is it pertinent to the institution’s mission?
  3. Creativity and Design – Is the product well designed and visually appealing? Is it unique and original?Is it easy to use?

Nominations are due by February 10, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. Questions should be directed to Hassan Najjar at hnajjar@museumcenter.org. Nominated individuals and/or institutions must be individual and/or institutional members of the American Alliance of Museums. Award winners will be honored at the 2014 AAM Annual Meeting in Seattle. 

Where is the name of the institution where this resource was available.
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Resource Contact
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Mailing Address
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Identify one audience category: families and/or children, adult, or teacher. Explain how this audience is targeted and the purpose of the product for its intended audience.
Describe goals and objectives, identify contributors and their roles, evaluation(s) conducted in development, its relation to the institutional mission, and other considerations in design and development you consider important.
Explain how the product is/was used by the intended audience.
Was the resource a success? In what ways? Include information on audience response, community/partner relations, and evaluation(s) conducted.
List number of pieces produced and/or number of people reached, price (if applicable), overall budget, availability of this resource (how long?), and method of distribution.
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If your nominated resource is a physical item, please send 4 copies to: Hassan Najjar, Attn: EDCOM RESOURCES, 200 Inman Street, East, Cleveland, TN, 37311. These items must arrive before or on the application deadline.