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Education Donations

Our trunk program is an ever-evolving ‘hands-on’ learning experience that tells the story of the Ocoee region in classrooms. We are always looking for new trunk items that help to tell these stories and help young learners to better understand the subject matter. 


Cherokee & Trail of tears

Our Cherokee and Trail of Tears trunk tells the story of the Cherokee and their lives in Tennessee before the Indian Removal Act. It also tells of the important people and places in and around the Ocoee Region that played a part in the Trail of Tears. For this trunk, we use artifacts, reproduction goods, books, maps, and craft projects in order to make history come alive in classrooms and in the museum itself.

Our needs for this trunk are:


Civil War

Our Civil War trunk strives to explain the geopolitical differences of the North and South before, during, and after the war and how these variances affected politicians, armies, and everyday people. For this trunk we use artifacts, reproduction goods, maps, and books in order to help students learn more about the battles and the home front during the Civil War.

Our needs for this trunk are:

Early Home & Farm

Our Early Home & Farm trunk tells the story of early Appalachia. This trunk focuses on moving westward in a covered wagon and what life would be like once a family arrived at their new home. It is full of clothing, toys, household, and farm goods that would have been used in our region. 

Our needs for this trunk are:


World War I

Our World War I trunk tells the story of the Great War and local involvement. It helps to connect the Ocoee Region with the war on a larger scale.

Our needs for this trunk are:

 Civics & Local Government

Our Civics and Local Government trunk focuses on making the connections between local, state, and national governments and showcasing their similarities and differences. 

Craft supplies 

An important part of our field trips and trunk shows is a themed craft project that helps students to understand the material they have learned and to use it in a fun way. Donations for craft supplies help to ensure that students are able to have a fun and educational experience. Our goal is to make sure that there are multiple craft options per field trip so teachers are able to choose which ones they think will best fit with their class. We keep all materials on hand so we are able to seamlessly integrate this into a field trip or trunk show.

·      Construction paper

·      Markers

·      Acrylic Paint Set

·      Watercolor Paint Set

·      Watercolor Paper

·      Paintbrushes

·      Pencil Sharpener

·      Pencils

·      Elmers Glue

·  Glue