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The Museum Center will be opening a new exhibit in the permanent collection featuring Tom Rowland, Mayor Emeritus of Cleveland, TN. Rowland was the mayor from 1991-2018, and a reconstruction of his office will be installed in the museum.

The museum is working with all  local elementary and secondary schools to offer a new curriculum this fall,  “Civics and Local Government”. This teacher approved program will be a supplement to the required curriculum and will enhance students exposure to our local and state governments. 



City Donates To The Tom Rowland Exhibit

On February 25, the Cleveland City Council unanimously approved a one-time donation of $5,000 to the Museum Center at 5ive Points to fund the Mayor Emeritus Tom Rowland Exhibit. 

Officials said, "The donation represents a commitment by the City to support a fund-raising campaign by the Museum Trustees to create an exhibit that will preserve the Emeritus Mayor’s legacy for future generations with the objective of documenting how his leadership has shaped Cleveland’s contemporary history.  

"The campaign’s first objective will be to create a working office for Mr. Rowland at the Museum which will permit him to continue serving as an ambassador for the City, and also display for public viewing the memorabilia from his tenure as Cleveland’s longest serving mayor.  

"The trustees also intend to solicit contributions to fund the production of a state-of-the-art interactive exhibit, which will feature a television-ready documentary collecting prior as well as new interviews with Tom Rowland and other civic leaders showcasing his and the community’s most important accomplishments and how those successes have transformed Cleveland. 

"As a lasting tribute to the former Mayor’s service to Cleveland and the State of Tennessee, the Trustees will solicit contributions to create and provide civic educational programs for middle school students in our region to learn about the fundamental that shape local government." 

“We look forward working with City leaders, patrons of the Museum and friends of Tom Rowland all over the state of Tennessee to accomplish these goals and objectives,” said Joe Mason, president of the Museum Center at 5ive Points. “Patrons of the Museum and friends of Tom Rowland can make contributions to support these objectives by calling the executive director, Janice Neyman, or by visiting" 

“Mayor Emeritus Rowland devotedly served our community for over 27 years and was a tremendous advocate of Cleveland, which helped ensure the city’s continued success and accomplishments during his tenure," said Mayor Kevin Brooks. “I believe this token of appreciation and support will preserve his legacy and demonstrate how his commitment to our community played a significant role in our past, as well as positioned our city for the future.” 

The Cleveland City Council unanimously voted to declare Mayor Emeritus Rowland’s desk, credenza, chair, computer and other memorabilia as surplus property at a City Council meeting in August 2018.