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Museum Center at 5ive Points 

200 Inman Street East
Cleveland, TN, 37311
United States


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Ready to submit your quilt? Download our entry form, print it, fill it out, then email, snail mail, or deliver it to the Museum Center!

Entry Form Link

  • No Cost to Enter a Quilt!
  • $5 Ticket for non-Museum Members; Free for Museum Members and Quilt Show Participants
  • Ticket includes: General Entry and some Programming
  • There will be an extra cost to attend special classes (more information to come soon!)

Quilt Categories:

A.   Antique Quilts: more than fifty years old.

B.    Bed Quilts: Width 60” to 110”– length 80” or more (Quilts designed to use on a bed).    

        a.    Hand Quilted Bed Quilts

        b.    Machine Quilted Bed Quilts

C.   Small to Lap: width 30” to 59”- length 30” or more.

D.   Wall Hanging Hand or Machine Applique: maximum width 59”.

E.    Embroidered Quilt: any size or style.

F.    Applique Quilt: any size or style.

G.   Group Quilt: width 40” to 110” – length 60” or more (made by 3 or more people).

H.   Rookie & Youth Quilt: any size or style (quilt made by a beginner or 16 year-old or younger in the past year and has never been entered in a competition).

I.      Art Quilts: any size or style (quilt displays an original concept, use of materials, or execution).

J.      Quilted Clothing & Accessories

K.    Challenge Quilt (Check out the Flyer - Click Here)

L.    Non-Judged: any size quilt for display only



(more to be added soon!)

·      Drop off quilts at the Museum Center: February 12-17, 2018. 10:00 AM-5:00 PM (Saturday 10:00AM-3:00PM)

·      Judging (not open to the public): February 24, 2018

·      Awards Ceremony and show opening: March 8, 2018. 6:00 PM

·      Pickup quilts at Museum Center: April 2-7, 2018. 10:00 AM-5:00 PM (Saturday 10:00AM-3:00PM)

Email, Snail Mail, or Walk-in entry forms no later than Saturday February 17th, 2018.

Lindsay Shirkey

200 Inman Street E

Cleveland, TN 37311

Phone: 423-339-5745



·      All persons who worked on the quilt must be listed on the entry form (design, construction, quilting, etc.).

·      Entries must arrive clean, undamaged and odor-free

·      MC5P reserves the right to reject, re-categorize or not display inappropriate entries (soiled, damaged, misrepresented)

·      Quilts need to have a 4” fabric sleeve sewn or pinned to the back for hanging with the exception of antique quilts. 


Any Questions? Contact: Emma-Leigh Evors, Curator of Collections,, 423-339-5745


2017 First Place Winners


1st Place First Quilts:

My First Quilt entered by David Surette

1st Place Lap Quilts:

My Fleur-de-Lis entered by Vicky Kmet

1st Place Applique Hand & Ruth Hale Viewer's Choice Winner:

Veggie Cats entered by Dawn Ward

1st Place Embroidery Quilts:

21st Century Sampler entered by Denise Ohlman

1st Place Group Quilts:

Welcome Home entered by Ana Goncalves

1st Place Wearable & Accessory Quilts:

A Sampler Jacket entered by Phyllis Callaway (right)

1st Place Antique Quilts: 

Maggie's Flower Garden entered by Becky Templeton

1st Place Bed Quilts:

Cockscomb & Stars entered by Vicky Kmet

1st Place Small Quilts:

Pastel Peacock entered by Phyllis Callaway

1st Place Applique-Machine:

Embellished Dresden Plate entered by Marilyn Dunn

1st Place Art Quilts:

Shell We Play? entered by Monica Jenkins

1st Place Handmade & Hand Quilted Quilts:

Double Wedding Ring entered by Helen White